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"Hi! I just thought I'd drop by to say that Metropolitan Movers did a great job on my move. Recommending them to anyone in need of professional moving service "

Jamie Fox, Oakville

"I moved a few weeks ago on a very tight budget. I thought that getting professional movers would break my piggy bank. But, I couldn't been more wrong. Metropolitan Movers provided a wonderful service at a cost that was friendly. So happy with these guys. Keep it up! "

Amy Whitehall, Oakville

"I have been burned by hiring the wrong movers before and if I had a choice (bad back), I would not have hired movers again. Thankfully, I got Metropolitan Movers and my trauma was eased. They did our move in an efficient manner and it was done at a very short time, less than I expected. So to say, I will be hiring Metropolitan Movers from now on, for my moving needs. "

Nol Richardson, Oakville

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No stress. No trouble. No frustration. No delay. Quick and Easy. We're talking about moving here, is it really possible? Yes, only with your trusted Metropolitan Movers Oakville!

Flexible Moving Options

We specialize in moving services for the Oakville area, no matter how near or far, day or night, holiday or weekend, and can be scheduled any day of the year. Residential owners can stay on top of their priorities with matters they need to attend to in line with the move, such as decorating the exciting new home and familiarizing yourself with the community. Commercial property owners can quickly get back on track with unhindered operations or no interruption at all on their business processes.

Fast, Reliable, Stellar Service

You can rely on properly trained staff who are ready to help anytime and will let you break-free from all the legwork. Rest assured that the job will be done right, if not way beyond your expectations with award-winning top-quality service! You can rest assured that the entire move will be performed in the most efficient manner by experienced local Movers in Oakville, from start to finish.

Why Choose Us?

You deserve the best things in life, including the best local moving services to meet your needs and best value for your hard-earned money. This is exactly what you get from the best moving company in Oakville! Call us now and we'll take you where you need to be, provide services right when you need it most, grant you free moving insurance. Comparing with others Moving Companies in Oakville we provide the economical rates to our clients

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