Business Deliveries


Selling new furniture or equipment for a place of business can be a great experience as a seller. And while negotiating and locking down a sale to a business may be fun, actually getting these types of items delivered can sometimes get complicated. Having to organize moving trucks and the personnel to move the items can be a time and energy consuming process, and may be a large financial investment as well. Thankfully, we offer the services you need to get your sold items to their respective buyer and new location.

Using our moving trucks, our highly trained personnel will make moving different items to your clients easy. We also run the logistics, and you do not have to pay for moving services when you do not have deliveries on the schedule. We pick up and deliver your items, and we try to make the whole process easy and keep everyone satisfied.

You may be asking yourself what type of items we deliver. Thankfully, we are able to move a wide variety of items. This enables us to meet your business’ specific delivery needs. Below is a list of some of the delivery services we offer.

Furniture Delivery

If you are looking to move recently sold office furniture to a client, we have got you covered. Our furniture delivery service can help make sure that the furniture you want delivered gets to its destination on time.

Oversized Item Moving

If you have large or oversized items you need transported to a business, such as large printers or restaurant equipment, you can rest at ease. Our oversized item moving ability will have your large items that are critical to your clients delivered there safely and on time.

Equipment Delivery

As mentioned before, if you are looking for some type of office equipment to be delivered like a large printer or even filing cabinets, we have got you covered. We offer equipment delivery services to meet your specific delivery needs. We offer delivery services for less traditional equipment too, like sports equipment, treadmills, etc that can be used if selling items to a gym or personal training studio.

Ultimately, we understand that as a business, you want your sold items moved out of your location as quickly as possible. Any delay in this can hold up your own business’ logistics. We can help make sure that items likes office furniture or different types of equipment get moved to where they need to go through our furniture delivery and equipment delivery services. Our highly trained personnel try to make the whole delivery process go as smoothly as possible for everyone involved.