General Tips


Metropolitan Movers Halton offers a few suggestions designed to assist household moving. Customers usually benefit by adhering to these guidelines. Even if you anticipate a brief relocation within the Halton Area, consider using some basic moving tips to enjoy a smoother, less stressful experience:

Document Your Relocation

Plan on keeping a complete list of all your moving expenses in one specific file or folder. Retain receipts to help verify these costs. You may encounter a pleasant surprise when you file your next income tax return!

Take Steps to Insure Antiques And Other Valuables

Before relocating treasured family heirlooms, consider asking a professional appraiser to evaluate these items. It also makes sense to insure any valuable antiques or works of art individually. If accidents occur during the moving process, your insurance may help pay for restoration expenses.

Exclude Hazardous Items From Your Relocation

One of the most valuable moving tips an experienced relocation firm may offer concerns the importance of eliminating flammable, caustic, or explosive items from the goods you plan to relocate. Plan on replacing household cleaning agents, fuel, flammable fluids (like alcoholic beverages), paints, matches, aerosol spray cans, insecticides, and ammunition after you reach your destination. These common materials pose transportation hazards and eliminating them from the inventory will create a less stressful, safer relocation.

Label Your Moving Boxes And Keep an Inventory List

When the time arrives to pack your belongings, mark the outside of each box with a unique number or letter of the alphabet and include an inventory listing inside describing the contents. Keep a seperate “master” inventory list copy for your reference which includes a general description of every box. This process makes unpacking much easier!

Prevent Liquid Spills

One helpful rule of thumb to assist packing if you plan on undertaking a long distance relocation involves not transporting any liquids. Don’t leave liquids or oils inside lawn mowers, shop vaacs, or heavy equipment, either. By reducing the potential for spills, you’ll help safeguard the contents of your packed boxes.

Label Fragile Items

Do you own readily breakable items? Of all the moving tips provided here, one in particular may help: we recommend packing these belongings with particular care. Use soft padding or bubble wrap, and always labeling these packages clearly.

Designate Emergency Supplies

Consider packing one box with your household first aide kit and basic furniture assembly tools. Keep it readily available during the relocation.

Orient Your Movers

Briefly introduce your movers to your next residence. They’ll unload boxes for you in the locations you designate.

Enjoy a Safe, Streamlined Relocation

Following these moving tips will make life easier for both your household and your moving company! All of these measures remain very simple to implement. We recommend bookmarking these moving tips on your computer or laptop, and using them whenever you anticipate a household relocation!