Moving Equipment


When you hire us for your moving needs, we may need to use special moving equipment to safely transport your belongings to their new location. At Metropolitan Movers, we know what equipment to use for each job, and our personnel have the experience needed to use specialized equipment. On moving day, our crewmembers will bring all the equipment they need to tackle your moving job safely and efficiently.

Ahead, learn more about the equipment we might use during your upcoming move:

Equipment to Protect the Floors

You may be leaving your home or property, but you don’t want to scratch or dent the floors on your way out. If you’re staying in a rental home, for example, damaging the floors could result in unwanted repair costs. To save you money and stress, we often bring moving equipment that helps to protect the floors, whether they’re made of hardwood or vinyl. They include:

  • Floor covers
  • Foot covers

Floor covers, also called floor runners, are self-adhesive coverings applied to the floor. They usually have a no-slip surface, which ensures that they don’t shift due to moving day foot traffic. Foot covers are also a common way to keep the floors clean. These booties slip over shoes, and they keep the dirt from outside from getting inside.

Equipment for Heavy Lifting

To transport your heaviest furniture and belongings, we may bring special heavy lifting moving equipment. This equipment includes:

  • Dollies
  • Straps
  • Piano moving equipment

Dollies are wheeled platforms designed to transport heavy, cumbersome items, like washing machines and refrigerators. They come in several varieties; we may use an appliance dolly to move a dryer, and a furniture dolly to move a large dresser. We many also move heavy items using moving straps. These heavy-duty straps use leverage to reduce the weight of the heavy item, allowing the moving team to transport heavy items quickly and effectively. While moving items like sofas and washers can be tricky, there’s no moving task quite so complicated as piano transportation. When we need to move a piano, we usually bring along a furniture dolly, our strongest lifting straps, and a piano cover. With the correct moving equipment, your baby grand will arrive safely at its destination.

Equipment for Assembly and Disassembly

In some situations, we need to disassemble a piece of furniture before we can move it. To tackle these situations, we bring along a well-stocked tool kit, filled with everything we might need to disassemble furniture, from Phillips head screwdrivers to hex wrenches. Once we’ve transported the furniture to its new destination, these tools also help us reassemble the items.

Specialized Equipment

Sometimes, a moving job requires specialized equipment, like a forklift. The use of specialized moving equipment requires an additional fee.