We Offer Packing Services


Businesses and individual households in the Greater Toronto Area frequently request skilled packing services from Metropolitan Movers Halton. Whether you choose to rely on this assistance or not, we’d like to share a few useful tips about two issues with you: packing boxes and the cost-effective use of packing materials. (Consider obtaining high quality moving boxes from us if your relocation schedule allows you to complete the packing phase of the move yourself.)

Pack And Secure Moving Boxes And Bins Correctly

Packing boxes using these strategies will help you protect the contents of any moving box from harm more effectively. Unfortunately, poorly packed moving bins and boxes sometimes break apart during transit. Unprotected or inadequately wrapped contents may also sustain damage en route. By taking some simple precautions, you’ll improve the chance of your belongings arriving in excellent condition:

1. Always deposit the heaviest items at the bottom of the box; this practice will prevent them from crushing lighter weight contents.
2. Seek to completely fill every box you pack. By packing boxes completely, you reduce the opportunity for the contents to rattle and bounce around during transit.
3. Avoid placing exceedingly small items inside large packing boxes or crates in an unsecured condition; using a smaller container will make it easier to locate tiny objects once the box arrives at its intended destination.
4. If you notice items rattling or clinking against one another inside a packed box, consider repacking the contents more securely.
5. Consider keeping valuable documents and any items which hold strong sentimental value amongst your personal belongings during your relocation. (You may feel silly carrying a child’s beloved stuffed teddy bear along with you on a flight, for example, but no one in the household will grieve over its loss if you keep it nearby during your journey.)

Packing Boxes With Care

If you do opt to use our packing services for some items instead of relying on DIY efforts alone, rest assured you can still purchase excellent packing materials from Metropolitan Movers Halton. We endeavor to supply flexible, considerate assistance during a relocation. To further this goal, we offer convenient moving packages to help direct and scale our efforts as efficiently as possible.

Our team seeks to help your household (or your business) experience a comfortable move to your destination. Ask us to pack all or a portion of your belongings. Simply contact us to request a quote on moving packages and options of most interest to you. We’ll help customize our services to assist you.