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Metropolitan Movers Burlington

 Offers Pool Table Moving Services

Do you need assistance moving pool tables during a relocation? Depend upon Metropolitan Movers Burlington! We serve customers throughout this lovely Ontario community.

Rely Upon Experienced Movers


Our hauling services help clients transport pool tables near and far. Simply give us a call to request this assistance! We transport objects some other moving firms cannot relocate (including all brands of pool tables).

Our clients across the Burlington value our investment in specialized tools and equipment. We wrap, pad, and protect this specialty freight during the hauling process. By using the best equipment for every project, we seek to reduce the chances of accidental damage along the road.

Depend Upon Our Pool Table Movers

Our skilled pool table movers understand the challenges involved in relocating these popular gaming tables. Heavy pool tables display bulky dimensions. Yet, surprisingly perhaps, they do share some properties in common with extremely fragile items.

Experienced pool table movers know they must protect the delicate felt on the tabletop against accidental damage. A single tear in the fabric causes significant harm. Our clients appreciate the extra care and attention we supply whenever we work as pool table movers.

Your First Choice For Pool Table Moving Services in Burlington


Why should you consider requesting our assistance whenever you need to relocate a massive pool table? We’d like to suggest just a few reasons why Metropolitan Movers Burlington excels in hauling these unique freight items:

  • Our team possesses personal familiarity with Burlington;
  • We rely upon experienced, full-time movers;
  • We’ll use the correct equipment for every assignment;
  • We’ve invested in high quality, well-maintained vehicles capable of transporting heavy or bulky merchandise;
  • Our personnel utilize wrappings, pads, straps, and blankets to safeguard our cargo against scratches and other damage;
  • We offer customized relocation assistance;
  • We serve both commercial and residential clients;
  • We ensure we assign a sufficient number of employees to every move to furnish safe transport.

The Good Condition of Your Pool Table Matters to Us

While no moving firm can ever guarantee items won’t sustain some minor damage during transport, we can offer our clients this assurance: the condition of your pool table genuinely matters to us. We always exercise care and attention when moving these precious assets. Our team of experienced pool table movers does everything humanly possible to safeguard and protect the freight entrusted to our care by our clients.

If you anticipate an Burlington relocation soon, contact us for assistance now. We also serve customers who simply need to move one (or more) pool tables from one location to another. For example, if you need pool table movers to transport a damaged table from an Burlington bar to a repair shop, count on us!


Further Information

We look forward to serving you. To request additional information or a free quote, simply call us at 647-560-1899. Our full-time pool table haulers offer dependable, expert assistance!