Storage Services In Burlington


We have been able to establish a customer-focused service in the moving and storage service. We can cater to their various needs ranging from room to move. Moreover, we offer specialized services in our storage facilities that can accommodate a variety of special needs.

When moving, a reason to choose us would be because we fit the essential criteria you should set and check against when selecting storage and running method or company.

Trust is a critical issue in this business, and the following criteria are what you should look for in a transport company to ensure more trust in them as you sure will be handing your possessions to a stranger, but after we denote the criteria for you, we will not be strangers anymore.

What is crucial in selecting storage and moving companies?

1. Company experience

We have accumulated a lot of experience through our systems, facilities, material handling, and our personnel. We have been able to offer our services for almost a decade since 2010.

Having been in the market for some years, we can understand your needs as a customer faster, and we have picked up adaptability over these years to be able to improve customer satisfaction which is our top most goal in order of importance.

Our experience has helped us evolve beyond our locality in offering our services which can generally be sampled into:

  • a. Long term storage.
  • b. Short term storage.
  • c. Moving

A company’s experience in a particular field helps to cultivate trust from the customers faster. Moreover, it proves our capability in always delivering.

2. Authorization and reach

We can serve you while in Canada which is where we are licensed to operate. We have residential storage facilities in the number of towns in the country and where we could take your belongings is limited to the borders of the nation.

Contact us for more information on your town where you would like moving and storage service.

3. Storage Prices

The services we offer have a variety of prices, but they are however customer friendly. The costs and our services define each other. When dealing with storage of items on the move, we have two options:

a. Use of our secured storage facilities which also feature the regulation of temperatures to be able to cover and meet your various needs.

In this option, we will use one of our facilities, but you will not have access to your possessions.

We will deliver the goods to a destination of your choice when you we receive a notification from you.

This option has proved to be a customer favorite because it gives them comfort to know that their goods are secure and the fact that the prices are lower as compared to hiring a private storage facility where you will incur further expenses as you will need to hire a mover too.

b. The other option is by use of our partners as a third party to offer a self-storage facility.
This option is more expensive because you have unrestricted access to your possessions.

For more details as to how this agreement will work whom it will work with, please do not hesitate to contact us.

4. Reviews and Ratings

From the excellent services we deliver to the experience we have gathered, all our services have been directed towards customer satisfaction, and we have been able to get positive feedbacks from reviews and ratings.

Moreover, our customers have been able to give recommendations to their friends and family on our services which has been able to not only get us more clients but a better experience to deliver our services.

5. Services they offer

Apart from offering storage while you are moving as mentioned earlier, we other storage services too. As a client, your focus being on safety, security, and privacy, we accomplish this among other needs like time.

We offer short and long-term storage facilities which will be able to cover short periods like moving and long periods like a residential storage facility for hire. Depending on your needs in this aspect, contact us to enlist our services alongside inquiries on the services and terms.

Short distance and long distance moving. We can partner with third partners to facilitate your efficient and effective translocation where long distances that cross the Canadian border apply, but we can help move you in many towns in the country.

Moreover, we can help with moving in a case where you are just switching departments in a building alongside office and home moving services that go across town.

We are specialized in careful handling of the possessions ranging from massive to fragile.

Furthermore, we have own pods in secure storage facilities where you could store your possessions and have access whenever you want. These pods are offered both for a long-term and short-term storage, basis.

6. Special services

People have different possessions, and some need specialized facilities to facilitate their moving and storage. We offer a variety of options for you which we can elaborate further and take into consideration your requirements.

Some of the services offered for specialized items include:

  • a. Storage that has controlled climate.
  • b. Specific accommodations
  • c. Specific handling
  • d. Storing items in select units.
  • e. Affordable storage.

7. Corporate social responsibility

A Company that gives back to the community establishes a link to the community that a customer can use to validate the existence of the company to ensure that they are not being conned.

We have been involved in giving back to the community to help cater for various basic needs like food to the needy.

In a nutshell, you should call us because:

  • a. We are located for your convenience
  • b. When compared to renting a storage unit, we offer affordable storage.
  • c. We provide additional short term storage services which are inclusive of packing your possessions among more others.

We encourage you to reach out to pursue your inquiries further, and we will be happy to clarify them.